Wellness is a Challenge.

While I generally considered myself a healthy person as I entered adulthood, I often struggled to truly feel well. Subtle symptoms would flare up every once in a while and make me feel pretty lousy. My doctor generally thought my concerns were nothing to worry about, but one time he did recommend I meet with a nutritionist. I did – and all they told me to do was cut back on certain vegetables that may be making me feel bloated and gassy!  

That disappointing experience foreshadowed what I would see in the years to come. I went from doctor to doctor, and while many of them were well-intentioned, none of them were particularly helpful. Between false diagnoses, suggestions that my problems were all in my head and countless pills thrown my way, I simply wasn’t getting answers regarding the root of my issues. All the while, my health was getting worse.

Wellness is Achievable.

After many years, I finally found an integrative doctor who started to understand what was happening to me. She discovered that gluten and some other foods were a problem for me and that I should stop eating these foods immediately. She also told me that I needed to replenish my body with certain vitamins and minerals and to work on healing my gut. While I was in complete denial initially, I started to become a believer when I experienced  improvement in my health.

That appointment was just the start of my personal turn-around, and it certainly wasn’t the end of my struggle. I encountered plenty more issues including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, leaky gut, parasites, SIBO, an abundance of heavy metals and weakened adrenal glands, and many more.  But the journey has certainly been rewarding. Over time, I’ve learned a lot about the invisible toxic soup we all inhabit, how it affects us and how to protect ourselves from it.  I’ve learned to let food be my medicine and embrace the diet that works best for me.  And most importantly, I‘ve realized that with intelligent lifestyle changes, it is possible for us to achieve optimal health.

Wellness is Our Goal.

After years of transforming myself and advocating for legislative changes to keep our food safe, my mission is now to spare you the frustration and anguish that I experienced. Let’s work together and get you on the right track to good health!

  • Georgetown University Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification Course
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Environmental Health (with Lara Adler)
  • Certified Gluten Practitioner Program
  • International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology Practitioner Program
  • Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Course
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Program
  • Electrosmog Rx Course

With these credentials,
I can guide you on your path to wellness, too.