Client Testimonials

Christine has a patient & calm demeanor and it is very clear that she cares. I used Christine as a Health Coach to make lifestyle improvements. Her knowledge, suggestions and guidance helped me to improve my sleep, which was my most important goal. As a mother of one-year-old twins, sleep is extremely important. Without it, I was falling apart so I am happy that I have found a natural way to promote sleep rather than falling back into the bad habit of using pharmaceuticals every night.
— Susie L.

I had been to several doctors and my dentist regarding my dry mouth, which had been affecting my sleep and my daily activities. Unfortunately, none of them were able to help me.  When I worked with Christine, she suggested I do some functional lab tests. When we got the results, she suggested I make some changes to my diet.  After making those changes and doing some herbal protocols, I was thrilled that my dry mouth had finally subsided.  I was then able to sleep well and enjoy my daily activities.
— Terry O.

Christine is very easy to talk to and was always non-judgmental throughout our sessions. She not only listened to everything I had to say—she also offered very helpful recommendations ranging from healthy eating to organizational tools. It was an amazing and transformative experience working with someone who has vast health, wellness and nutrition expertise.
— Joel S.

When I first learned about my gluten and dairy intolerance, I felt restricted with what I could eat and got in the routine of eating the same foods every day. Not only did this lead to my boredom, but I lost my taste and excitement for food. It was not until I met Christine that everything changed. Christine sent me easy recipes that have become staples in my diet, she walked me around the grocery store and helped me find snacks and meals to enjoy, she sent me easy snack and meal combinations, but most importantly, she made me see that it was possible to enjoy food again with my allergies. She has taught me how to adapt and make the best out of my situation. I am so grateful for her!
— - Zoe C.
After listening to Christine’s podcast on the issues that ElectroSmog can pose for our health, I immediately set up a consultation with her and I was not disappointed! Christine was friendly, articulate, knowledgeable and professional. I felt that I could trust her. It was not a one-way conversation. We had a discussion during which she asked great questions, listened carefully and provided various strategies for reducing EMF’s and EMR around my home. Thank you, Christine, for saving our health!
— - Emily D.
Christine has transformed my health and wellness. I came to her as I know I needed to make changes in my life to address health concerns, but was not sure where to start and if I would be willing to go all in. I was in chronic pain from inflammation in my joints, was constantly tired, addicted to sugar, and generally did not lead a healthy lifestyle. After some testing, Christine was able to guide me to make changes to my diet and other things. I was reluctant to make some of these changes, but with Christine’s help it was not difficult. Shortly after, I saw big changes! My joints no longer hurt, I felt well rested most days and my sugar cravings were cut in half. Christine really cared about my well-being and was so happy for me when I told her how successful the process had been. When she takes you on as a client she gives you her all, she really cared about my outcome. I feel happier and healthier than I ever have! I highly recommend Christine as a health and wellness coach.
— Madeline H.